M & S Metals Ltd. has been operating for over 20 years and represents the pinnacle of metal processing. Our experience allows us to cater for the individual needs of companies wishing to sell their excess metal as well as provide a valuable service lost by many in business today. With the price of metal rising due to the constant demand made by the East (particularly China) the London Metal Exchange has risen making this an ideal time for companies to sell their surplus or unwanted metal. This fluctuation in the valuation of metal is mirrored by M & S Metals Ltd. who consistently offer competitive prices, typically bettering that of our rivals.

About Us

Scrap Metal Metal Recycling, Total Waste Management

M & S Metals in China
M & S Metals Ltd. has recently opened a branch of its operations in Shenyang, China where our Managing Director Mark Smith was warmly greeted by the President of Northern China Mr. Li Guozhong. This sub company of M & S Metals is not exclusive to non ferrous metals and has interests in ferrous based metals also. For more information please click on the link provided

For more information please click on the link provided . This is www.metalws.com

Environmental Responsibility
Environmental concerns have often been a negative aspect of the metal industry and at M & S Metals we pride ourselves on our environmentally friendly approach. Wherever possible our carbon footprint is reduced and part of an ongoing programme and responsible waste management ensued. M & S Metals are proud to inform you that we have achieved ISO 14001 status ensuring the best environmental care is taken at all times.